Need to Prepare Clients Before Their Session?
Want To Persuade Inquiries To Book?
Plant The Seed For High Dollar Sales?

This Pre-Consultation Kit provides a comprehensive client packet about your studio and preps your client to spend big. It will persuade clients who are on the fence to book by showing off what you do and the quality brand you project. It includes studio information sheets, booking and reminder cards, and planning booklets that showcase the benefits of booking a boutique, professional studio and artist, and helps you plant the seed of high dollar sales.

Baby & Family Wardrobe
Prep Booklets

Ease clients minds with guided information about what to do beforehand, and plan their clothing for their session. A comfortable, prepared client leads to a greta shoot and amazing end results! 

Experience, Expectations &
Product Information

Give an added impression by educating clients on the luxuries of your expertise, studio and unique product offerings. Prep them for a fabulous sale!

Booking, Appointment &
About Us Sheets

Give clients who haven't booked extra information to swoon them into taking the plunge, and remind booked clients when they are scheduled to meet with you.

Plant the Seed of the Sale & Win-Over Potential Clients to Book.


This kit & collateral will get your clients thinking about the end product from the start. Have your client plan space in their home for their art and plan the session around those goals. Putting this idea in their mind from the get go tells their brain that they will be spending money. Get rid of those budget hunter clients, and weed your inquiries down to those who appreciate your art form above their financial investment ability.

It's all about the preparation & the brand!

Communication is a vital part of the planning and creative process. We are here to serve our clients via, phone, email and in person. Appointment reminders, preparation emails, order pick ups and general information about what you do will be sent to clients in multiple formats. Good communication is good customer service. It gets everyone on the same page and helps you and your clients feel comfortable with the process, the session and eases any anticipation of the outcome.

What's Included

(all files are fully layered .psd):

    • Wardrobe Planning Guide 6x9 Booklet layered .PSD files. SOME STOCK PHOTOS INCLUDED.
    • Prepping Your Baby Guide 6x9 Booklet in layered .PSD files. MOST PHOTOS INCLUDED.
    • Appointment Reminder & CYO pricing Sheet 5x7 card in layered .PSD files - PHOTO INCLUDED.
    • How To Book & About The Artist Sheet 5 x 7 in layered .PSD files.
    • Begin With The End In Mind & Designing For Your Home Sheet 8.5 x 11 in layered .PSD files - SOME STOCK PHOTOS INCLUDED.
    • Our Studio & Product Offering Sheet 8.5 x 11 in layered .PSD files. SOME STOCK PHOTOS INCLUDED.
    • Studio Experience Timeline & Session Information Sheet 8.5 x 11 in layered .PSD files. PHOTOS INCLUDED.
    • Resources to print and customize to your brand.
    • All text included.
    • JPG sample files.
    • Does NOT include Wall Display Room photos by Ariana Falerni. Can be purchased at a discount inside.

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