Fine Art Mounting & Torn Edge Prints

An Online Course That Helps You Create Stunning Printed Presentation
For Clients Or Competition.

(Watch the video below to learn more.)

Luxury Product

Make your printed products shine with unique presentation, and charge more for an art product that's high end.

Print Competition

It's the way to "wow" at print competition and impress judges. Leave digital behind! All my images I've ever printed this way scored BIG. 

Artistic Presentation

This hand-made display is an art form no client can ever do themselves. It turns an image into a work of art.


Join us for this online course.
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Create an incredibly unique product line your clients can't make on their own!

A Course By Diamond Photographer Of The Year & Imaging Excellence Winner
Julia Kelleher, M.Photog., M.Artist., Cr., CPP.

In this course, you'll make handmade watercolor prints with torn edges and float mounting techniques for either one-of-a-kind competition prints, and/or a unique product your clients cannot resist.

No Printer? No Problem.

You don't NEED one! You can print from your lab and  then create gorgeous torn edge presentation from the print the lab sends you. Julia shows you how.

Switching From All Digital To Printed Products?

It's time to make more profit! What a great way to launch a unique, different and creative display for your clients. It's something they CANNOT create themselves and you can charge a premium for it.

Don't have the cash or time to create?

Materials and supplies will cost less than $120 and get you started on multiple prints. In under two hours you'll be able to immediately start creating this kind of presentation. 

Competing Digitally And Feel Like Something's Missing?

Tired of going digital for competition? Earn extra impact with this unique method of presentation. It's Julia's go-to and has earned her over 15 loan prints! She's finally spilling the secrets of how she prints her awards winning images.

What You Will Learn

Step-By-Step instruction that walks you through creating a deckled-edge, fine art print presentation. From materials and supplies to final finishing, you can be creating stunning displays today.

Module 1 - Supplies You Need

In the first module, you'll learn an introduction to the deckle edge print, plus all about and how to find the materials and supplies needed to create a masterpiece. 

Module 2 - Printing Your Image

How to print your fine art print whether you do it yourself or order from the lab. Which papers to use for a gorgeous matte finish and how to size your print to fit in the mat. Today's labs offer beautiful fine-art papers. So you are wlecome to print on your own, or order from the lab. It's up to you! Julia shows you both.

Module 3 - Tearing Your Print

Tearing? You mean ripping it? YES! You get to rip the edges of your print for a beautiful, organic and textural look. It's scary the first time, but then it's absolutely liberating! Then, we'll use metallic paints to enhance the torn edges of your print and coordinate with the image's tones.

Module 4 - Custom Mats, Fabrics & Mounting

Learn to float mount and mat your torn edge print with style. Julia will teach you how to layout and measure your project simply, hand-cut mats on a budget, use fabric for stunning backgrounds, and tell you what adhesives to use for mounting with a 3-dimensional look.

Bonus Lesson 1 - Color & Design 

Learn what looks good and what doesn't! Matching your print to mat colors, fabrics and paint tones is important to a polished end result. Julia will walk you through design basics so each image is complimented by its presentation not hurt by it. A FREE $50 value!

Bonus Lesson 2 - Framing Basics

Once your print is matted and mounted, you may want to frame it! Learn how to insert images into frames, secure them and apply paper backing for a sleek, finished look- a lesson that applies to ANY print you make or any wall product you sell! A FREE $100 value.


Stop going digital in competition, and start earning merits! A printed competition image has 10x's the impact. And gives you creative freedom to express your art the way you mean to.


"After watching Julia's course, I was immediately able to create a very high end presentation for a client image. Look out fellow competitors! I'm sending prints in 2017! I can't wait to see where this takes my scores! "

Michelle Parsley
Educator & Print Competitor

"Her passion, knowledge, detail and purpose completely connect and captivate you. She does not hold back! You will watch over and over and over."

Shannon Steward
Studio Owner