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You'd Like to Kick 2020 In The Rear.

From motivation slumps, to world stress, and masking off your entire to life to quarantine, 2020 has been tough on all of us.

It's Crickets When
It Comes To Inquiries.

Where did everyone go? The phone won't ring, and you seriously wonder if the contact form on your website might be broken. HOW are you going to get clients to inquire?

Clients Who Do
Book, Don't Buy.

Digital files are their religion and they want nothing to do with your gorgeous product samples.  You'll scream if you hear,  "Can we just get the files?" one more time.

Your Inner Critic Is Having A Party In Your Head-No Masks.

You're questioning if 2020 got the best of you. After all there is a world-wide pandemic going on. And you wonder if it's truly time to throw in the towel. 


The Most Comprehensive Membership Community For Photographers Who Want To Build A Brilliant Business.

Business, marketing, promotion and sales techniques for photographers who are serious about leveling up.


The 2022 Clarity Collaborative

10-Month Series To Refine Your Business Systems

An accountability event and live classes  inside 5CC for members to accomplish more and innovate their businesses in 2022. Starts January 2022. It's what saved so many of us 5CC members during quarantine, so we're doing it again!


Extras In The Clarity Collaborative

Not only will you get your work done, you'll do it with friends and peers. From our accountability group to Wine Nights, the help, feedback & camaraderie in 5CC are worth every penny.

Live Mastermind Meetings

Weekly live meetings with Julia to prepare for the week and frame our minds for the week's topic of focus. We'll cover al the content you need to get your business fired up for 2021.


5CC is known for its true accountability. Want o hit 6-figures this year? Join the crew! You'll be kept on a schedule and be held up for what you say you'll accomplish. 

Planner & Journal

Download our 10-week planner, print it out, and set up your Bullet Journal planning system to help you create effective do-to lists, keep you on track,  and master your mindset.

#dothework Wednesdays

5CC's version of a co-working session, we meet LIVE every Wednesday, work on hanging-over-our-heads business projects, and get 💩 done!

What We'll Cover In The Clarity Collaborative

Each week (or two) we'll focus on a specific topic, hold you accountable to get the work done, and help you step up your business in 2021.

"But I'm not a Family Or Newborn Photographer.
Will This Apply to Me?"

YES! And MORE YESSES! We have photographers of all niches and genres inside 5CC. This is BUSINESS training, and it applies to profiting and systemizing ANY business. 5CC members have proven, it the education and information crosses over to ANY genre.

SENIORS    |    LANDSCAPE    |    COMMERCIAL    |    WEDDING   |    PETS    |    FINE ART    |    BOUDOIR

A monthly online mastermind that will change your business.

Plus, our membership bonus - The Clarity Collaborative. Join us in our 10-week accountability series -January 2021. It's part of 5CC and free for members!

And - New Core Class Content!

"Sell Like You Mean It"


Julia's groundbreaking class "Pricing & Sales For Photographers" has been revamped, completely updated, refreshed with new content and added to the 5CC. Need to switch to IPS? Looking to build a solid product line? Need help pricing your work and selling to clients? Sell Like You Mean It is the most comprehensive, yet approachable, course in In-person Sales. Julia's techniques are touted as groundbreaking and innovative yet, simple, approachable and flexible to the client. Julia's students average $1500 per sale using her methods.   

Inside The Membership You'll:

Understand Your
Ideal Client

Are you attracting price shoppers and tire-kickers? If you are struggling to break into the "right" kind of target client, the 5CC will help.

The Competition

Are you lowering your prices because of all the shoot-and-burners in your area? If the competition makes you nervous, then it's time to up-level. 

Create a
Buzz-Worthy Brand

Finding a brand that is unique to you and targets your ideal client is the holy grail of business. Develop a brand you swoon for, and attract customers who are loyal to it.

Communicate With Powerful Messaging

What you say and how you say it can mean the difference of getting a new client or getting ignored. Grow the confidence to cold-approach others, and the communication skills to get effective messages out to the world.

Form Unbeatable

Relationships with other vendors in your community are vital to attracting new clients. Arm yourself with the tools and confidence to approach a vendor and form valuable partnerships that bring in clients.

Master Online Marketing

Websites, blogs, SEO, email and content marketing is overwhelming in today's digital marketing space. Get help with content ideas, strategy and ads that create buzz. Learn how to handle it all with ease as a one-wo(man) operation. 


Sell With Confidence
& Profitable Averages

Build a system of sales that earns easily over $1K+ per client. Learn to price your work and sell it "softly" without feeling sleazy. When sales becomes luxury customer service it's a win-win for both you AND your client.

Build Trust In Your Potential Clients

People don't buy unless they trust who they are buying from. Learn how to use your brand and messaging to build confidence in your client so they are eager to book without getting hung up on price!

Increase Your
Booking Rate

Do potential clients inquire, but then it's crickets when they hear your pricing? Inside the membership, you'll learn how to book more and eager inquiries with ease. Become the luxury studio you crave.

Mine Your Mindset -

One Of Our Priorities Inside The Membership

Good entrepreneurs think differently and have control over their thoughts, making calculated decisions that are effective and focused on growth.

Does your inner critic get the best of you? Do you have perfection paralysis? Is overwhelm your middle name?

Inside the 5 Carat Collective our focus to  "Mind Your Mindset" will help you overcome the mental obstacles that face so many business owners today. 



Our entire Market Like You Mean It course and now Sell Like You Mean It (formerly Pricing& Sales For Photographers) have been revamped, refreshed and condensed into bite sized material. And with plans to expand into  systems and service, education has never been better.



A completely private online forum for students to connect, talk and troubleshoot their issues. And with personal feedback from Julia, plus live events, it's a place where your growth skyrockets. The 5CC Community is its most valuable asset. Don't do this alone!


With monthly live accountability sessions, to-do lists, plus #goals and #wins reporting, the 5 Carat Collective will help you stay on top of your to-do list with Julia there to #smackdown if you need it! Plus, our 8-Week Clarity Collaborative will help you reopen after Covid-19!


The Creativity & Design Series

Exclusively Inside The 5 Carat Collective.

Meet live with us to expand and grow your artistic side! As a member benefit, we deliver hot ideas to help you inject life into your photography & design projects to help you accomplish your goals. Need a little gem to light your fire? Need a mindset boost? Need to bounce ideas off the group? The Creativity & Design Series will help, and it's only inside the 5 Carat Collective!

Plus, The Business Book Club

Do you love to read? We do! And business books empower you because they take you outside the photography world. Inside the membership we read inspiring texts, talk about them and apply them to our business. A fabulous way to get motivated and beat out the competition with new ideas and better strategies.

And, Featured Guests

Learn from others! We feature successful students and business gurus  from both inside and outside the photography industry to help you "see" and understand business in new lights. Join us for these featured interviews live and ask your questions. 

Goal Planning & Accountability Live Calls

Having trouble staying on track? Every month Julia hosts a live video chat that will help you set #goals and be accountable for your tasks. We celebrate #wins and look back on what worked and what didn't. Taking inventory is one of the best ways to make progress!



Got a burning question you need help with? Our #AskJulia segment will tackle all your course core content questions and help you make your way through the material with ease.

The Diamond Awards

Our semi-annual awards designed to recognize members who are killing it in their business or stand out as an exemplary member of our Community. Made your first big sale? Hit a revenue goal? Booked yourself solid? Join the 5 Carat Collective and tell us about it. You could win! 



Are those big projects hanging over your head? Come to our Wednesday, live meetings where we buckle down and get 💩 done! From creating collateral, to overhauling your website, and ordering studio samples, this is the time to  #dothework together, and it's one of our member's favorite 5CC benefits!



There's all kinds of new, fun things happening - from wine night to critique night, to classes in editing, layflats, pet photography and more. We love surprising our members with unexpected content that gives you a break form business....just when you need it. 

🍷  Wine Night  🍷

It's 5CC social night via Zoom. One of the BEST parts of our 5CC Community!  Julia's there with us and we talk nothing but fun. Sometimes it's business, sometimes is meaningless laughter. Whatever it is, we have a good time - causally networking, and getting to know one another and making our peers, our friends. 

Student Success

Terri Bryant - Terri Bryant Photography

"I can't begin to explain how many ways that Julia's marketing education has changed my business, but here are a few!

  •  My inquiries went from 2-3 a month to 20-30 a month!
  • I went from booking around 25% of those inquiries to booking 75%.
  • My average sale has increased by 50%.
  • I have two partnerships in place and am working on a third.
  • I found my unique value in a saturated market, and am working through my partnerships and networking to really get my message out there.
  • I have also set up local resource which should help drive my growth as well.

Overall, I can't imagine how Julia's marketing course hasn't changed my business. It not only totally changed my mindset on how I approach all aspects of my business, but gave me actionable steps on how to set myself up for success. The plans I put in place from what I learned from the course are now delivering tangible results that I could have never achieved on my own. Thank you Julia for showing me how to market - and LOVE it!"



Wanna peak inside?

Watch the video below to get a taste of what's inside the 5 Carat Collective.


Join Us Today!


Studios We've Helped Build

Julia has helped photographers worldwide grow into 6-figure businesses.
These studios have collectively earned over $3 million in revenue in just 2 years.

"I can't even begin to say how much this course has changed the way I do business. So many photographers focus solely on being the best artist they can, and neglect the nitty gritty day to day elements of their business. Julia's course is brilliant and teaches you everything you need to know to set your brand apart from your competitors. She teaches you how to connect with those in your community, how to have a solid marketing strategy and the steps to do it successfully. She teaches you how to market to your ideal client and build the business you've always wanted. Julia holds nothing back and shares everything she does in her own business to be successful. This course has completely changed the way I run my business. It will make you take a serious look at your brand and business practices, and teach you everything you need to know to rise above your competition and bring in the clients you really want to work with. I can't say enough about her marketing course and recommend it to anyone who is serious about making their business the very best it can be. You won't regret it, I promise! #LYMI"

Tara Lindley
Tara Lindley Photography

"I love the way Julia teaches because she's REAL. She's RAW. She gives it to you straight. She's relatable. She's me in a sense personality wise (wine or coffee anyone?), but she's also who I aspire to be like as a business owner and entrepreneur. She's professional yet down to earth and real. She explains things in depth but it's very understandable. She pushes you to be better. She's like a cheerleader for you to get your business off the ground and to BE better!"

Megan J. Happ
Bella Jeanne Photography

" I could have lost my business last year had I stayed where I was and let it die on it’s own, however I took some risks and I am currently rebuilding and with lessons learned I believe coming out better. 
She is not afraid to tell it like it is and to let us know it’s ok to stumble and fail as long as we get back up. That’s what I love about her teaching style; she doesn’t lecture she talks to you like a friend over coffee telling you what you really need to hear. I really can’t express how much Julia and her lessons are changing not only my business but how I look at myself as well. I keep realizing how much I want to succeed in this industry and how much I love shooting. The classes just make it so that I have more tools to make sure I actually do succeed. "

Barb Anderson-Lanois

Exclusive Online Community With Mobile App

Privately Hosted Forum • Away From Facebook • Control What You See • Engage In Every Post • Search The Content • Get Feedback

 As part of your membership, you get access to our online forum - a privately hosted community that is one-of-a-kind and full of members just like you who want to build thriving, profitable businesses without killing themselves or sacrificing their families. Collaborate with like-minded entrepreneurs and get feedback on your projects. Get help with clients and bolster your marketing efforts with outside input and advice. Plus, video critiques and feedback from moderators and Julia! There is no sense doing this business ownership thing alone. Join us!

This Sounds Like A Lot.

How will I know where to start?

The 5 Carat Collective was designed from the ground up to guide you along an educational path to success. When you join, you'll take our 5 Carat Success Path Assessment to see where you should start your educational journey. From the beginnings of market research to booking your solid stream of inquiries, you'll be guided step-by-step to becoming a master marketer. 

Monthly Membership Rate

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I have questions...

You get complete access to the entirely revamped and refreshed flasgship courses - "Market Like You Mean It"  and now "Sell Like You mean It." which have been rebuilt  (SLYMI is being released in phases. It is 75% complete.) inside the membership. Plus, you get access to our exclusive online, privately hosted community, along with all worksheets and downloads. It also includes access to all of our special series, live events, surprise mini classes, and monthly delivered content.


 MLYMI owners got founding member access when we first opened 5CC in November 2019. MLYMI owners who did not take advantage of the offer, can join at the new rate. 


We will be posting content multiple times per month. We send out email notices, plus our mobile app has notifications as well. That way you can be on top of what's coming out and when. Since it's just me (for the most part, with some help from Beth), there may be occasional adjustments to the schedule to account for holidays and I might want a vacation once in a while too. 🤪


The videos are provided in HD quality, and I am mic'd for best possible sound quality. 

 However, the video quality will automatically adjust based on your internet speed to prevent "buffering" to give you the best streaming experience.


No they are not. This is a subscription, much like Netflix. You are not purchasing the videos for download. 

However, swipe files, assignments, worksheets, checklists, etc are downloadable.


I encourage you to share your feelings about the 5 Carat Cololective with others!

Especially if you enjoy it 😁

However, please do NOT share the videos, downloads or access to the community with non-members as they have not paid for the content. 

I use the income from the 5 Carat Collective to support my family and feed my little guy. He likes food. A lot. We all do. We could live on it, actually. 😜

So please don't share....

Anyone caught sharing with non-members will be permanently banned.


As long as you continue to pay the monthly subscription fee, you will have access to ALL the videos. They will not be deleted or taken down so you can watch any of the archived videos at any time. That's dozens of short topical videos (plus critiques, bonuses, cheat sheets, quick tips, interviews, demos, etc, etc, etc) every single year!


This membership is hosted by Nikon Ambassador, Julia Kelleher. See more about her here.

Julia holds the following degrees:
Master Artist
Master Photographer
Photographic Craftsman
Certified Professional Photographer

Master of WPPI

Julia is a master business woman and Nikon Ambassador. She is a FULL-TIME (13+Years) working photographer whose retail studio grosses between $300-400,000 per year with a steady stream a well-qualified clients.  She loves teaching marketing and sales and is an accomplished artist as well, winning dozens of international awards for her newborn and children's portraiture. 

Julia is a renowned educator with students worldwide. Her studio is located in the beautiful mountain tourist town of Bend, Oregon.


You can rejoin, but only when enrollment is open. If you cancel, you will lose your current membership rate. At this time we are planning to open enrollment only 1-2 times per year, so Julia can focus on the students. We cannot "pause" subscriptions.


No you don't. You can cancel at any time. 


Most definitely, yes.  However, you will be locked in at the current rate for as long as you’re a member — no matter how much the monthly rate goes up.


You are billed each month on the date you subscribed until you cancel your subscription in your Jewel Education account.


You’ll receive an email with a receipt for your purchase. 

If you’re new to Jewel Education you’ll receive an email with login credentials.  You can use those to login to when prompted.

If you’ve taken classes from us before, just use the same login credentials as always. 

You’ll also receive an invitation to join the privately hosted community.  Once you’re logged into both the website and the community (you can even use the same login credentials if you’d like — just to keep things simple 😜) accessing both should be seamless. 


Cancelling is very easy and done through your user profile:

1. Log in to your account.

2. Click on your Avatar in the top right of the page.

3. Select Settings from the dropdown.

4. Click Credit Card Info in the top right of the page.

5. Hit the Remove Card and Cancel All Subscriptions button.

That's it. You're out! And you can cancel ANYTIME you like.  But please remember, there are no refunds or partial refunds for prorated months. Alos, we cannot "pause" subscriptions.

I cannot wait to personally guide you inside the 5 Carat Collective...


I've poured my heart into building the content for this membership site from the ground up - putting 14 years of business experience, growth, mistakes and wins  into it.

I've experienced first hand, what it's like to build a photography studio from the beginning, and market to a new city where I didn't know anyone. 

It's been rewarding, challenging, scary and empowering, and I want it to be all those things for you too. There's nothing like the freedom of being an entrepreneur, charting our own path and creating your own creative destiny on YOUR terms.

I'm thrilled to share my 15 years  of experience, knowledge and mistakes with you. We don't hold back inside the 5 Carat Collective. It is no holds barred education.

And if you are a photographer looking to level up your business, you owe it to yourself to join us and fast-track yourself to a thriving, profitable business.

I cannot WAIT to welcome you!




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