And get your life back! Done-for-you, instant import of our 17Hats workflows, emails, questionnaires, invoices, and more. Get set up in 17Hats in 17Seconds!




You Procrastinate Getting Started

You know your 17hats CRM will help you get automated and organized, but you're overwhelmed and frazzled, and you're putting it off because it seems like too much work and effort. Someday you'll get to it…

You're Frustrated Setting Up

Have you tried and failed to set up 17hats? Are you dreading the tedious task of writing emails, and thinking through workflows? It needs to be done but...

You Wish There Was An Easier Way

You're afraid of setting it up wrong and having to go back and redo everything. You have no idea what to say in your canned emails, or how to set up a proper inquiry lead form. Wouldn't it be great if someone would just do it all for you? 


You're married to your email inbox, and write the same emails over and over again.

Your systems are sloppy and all over the place.

You miss bookings because you have no good lead follow up method.

Nothing is in one spot, and you use multiple software to track.

You need easy, but getting there seems impossible.

You're client onboarding is inconsistent, and awkward.

Frustration sets in because you can't remember where clients are in your workflow.

You know you need to automate, but don't know where to start.


Just imagine if in an instant, all your photography studio systems were automated, and workflows and processes were in one place, and you could check them off for clients - each family in a step-by-step workflow you can count on. 




Done-for-you instant imports of our workflows, canned emails, questionnaires and more that will help you short-cut your 17hats set-up. You can get automated and using 17hats today, dramatically reducing the time it takes to set up. Plus, a shortcut training bundle to help you systemize and organize NOW. Learn to customize the imports to work for your studio & brand in short, actionable chunks.


Instant Import & Checklist

Get our access code to import almost everything you need to set up 17hats for your portrait studio. All you have to do is type in our code in 17hats, and voilà! You get instant access to everything we use in our studio every day. Plus, use our handy set up checklist to make sure 17hats is conformed exactly how you want to use it.

Canned Emails 

Never know what to write? Tired of writing the same emails over and over again? Is your client onboarding experience weak because your emails are sloppy and poorly written? We provide our complete client onboarding email system, plus lead follow up emails, appointment reminders, delivery emails, and more...


Are you using workflows inside 17hats? If not you're missing out on a huge part of this incredible software. You get our complete workflow system (leads, onboarding, sales & delivery) for portrait clients which will enable you to keep every customer in a systemized, step-by-step process. Never drop the ball on a client again.


Our pre-consultation questionnaire helps to plant the seed of the sale in your clients mind. Get them thinking about what to purchase in advance, and you've nailed your IPS session long before the shoot ever begins. A good client pre-session intake form connects you with them, and helps educate your clients on what's important.

Powerful Lead Form 

Snag our inquiry lead form and embed it on your website using 17hats. It will automatically import new leads into 17hats. Plus, our lead workflow triggers automatically helping you stay on top of new inquiries and showing off your studio in its best light. And if you download the 17hats app, you'll get notifications straight on your phone when you have a hot new lead!

Shortcut Video Training

Julia walks you through (in 10 steps) how to quickly and easily set up 17hats for your business, plus she shows you how we use it day-to-day with a client. Tweak our emails and workflows to suit your brand personality. Create an onboarding experience your clients will love! And use a workflow experience that saves you time and headache!

Will it really only takes 17 seconds?

This template pack is an instant import. It literally takes seconds to install into your 17hats CRM. You will need to spend an hour or so customizing it for your studio. If you are moving from another platform, importing clients, and/or you plan to adjust and change our emails and workflows heavily, then it will take longer. It just depends on how much you customize the content for your studio. 


Check out these incredible bonuses.


How to integrate 17hats with other software, like ProSelect, Shootproof and Zapier.

Make your automation systems even more powerful by connecting 17hats to these other industry leading software. With a couple clicks, or in some cases no clicks at all, you can import IPS order invoices, create client galleries, and send client contact info to your favorite email provider.



Use 17hats' online scheduler like a pro.

Need/want clients to book their Zoom video pre-consultations online? Want to fill up a mini session event without having to keep track of everyone's session slot, contracts or onboarding? The online scheduler allows you to embed an automated booking calendar onto your website, and of course it integrates seamlessly with workflow automations inside of 17hats.



Peace of mind. Confidence. And proven professional systems that work.


We're offering our automated testimonials and reviews workflow, plus our complete pre-booking collateral those who purchase 17hats in 17seconds. Add it on during the checkout process.


Grab our pre-booking collateral kit and make an impression with potential clients.

 We snail mail this marketing kit out to every inquiry, so they get excited about what we offer, and can clearly see how unique we are in the market. It shows off our services, our high end products, and addresses their pain points. This kit has maintained our booking rate at 75%!

Upgrade on the checkout page

Solidify your status in the community with raving testimonials and five star Google reviews.

When you upgrade 17hats in 17seconds, you get instant access to our automation workflow for securing quality testimonials from your clients. Let your clients do the work and shout from the rooftops how fabulous you are! And with an automated system to ask for these reviews, you just made your life a whole lot easier!

Upgrade on the checkout page

Marcela Limon

"I've been thinking about using a CRM for my business for years, but I've dreaded the learning curve to the point that I always chose to stick to my old school methods. When Julia launched 17hats in 17seconds, I took it as a sign. So, I gave it a try. I always feel overwhelmed with new software, but Julia did a fantastic job in breaking it into tiny pieces that are easy to follow and implement. Of course, there is still so much to tweak and learn, but I'm excited about incorporating 17hats into my systems, and I couldn't say that before this (it was just so dreadful!). I can't wait to see how much time I gain after seeing how easily 17hats in17seconds takes care of everything!"


Amy Pazur

"Is there anything this woman won't do for us? Once again, Julia gives us everything we need to excel in our business. I have been back and forth for so long about a CRM, and Julia made the decision easy! She offered up everything we need to set up the CRM (the scariest and hardest part about committing to one) and to do it simply, easily, and fast! Who could ask for more? And if you haven't signed up for 5CC yet... please don't miss your chance! My business has gone farther in the last few months than it has in years because of this amazing group! There are so many wonderful photographers ready to step up and help each other out and that doesn't even touch on the content which is worth the money alone!"

Blessed Moments, Blissful Hearts

Becky Furry

"As the owner of multiple companies, I've known for years we needed to make our lives easier with a CRM system.  "17hats in 17 Seconds" was the perfect way to take the perfect way to set-up my studio quickly with 17hats and learn all I needed to have our other businesses on board as well! Julia explains all the details for someone who has never had a CRM and makes it easy. Not only will this save me time, but it will help with our overall organization to simplify and do more in the future!"

Always A Happy Life Photography

John Davila

"17hats in 17seconds breaks down the lengthy setup process of setting up your photography business within 17hats into bite-sized segments and provides an insight into how Jewel Images use 17hats within their day to day studio life. The easy import of templates provides a solid foundation for both new and old users of 17hats and encourages photographers to evaluate their workflow and systems, meaning less time is spent behind the screen and more time can be spent doing the things you love."

Jdavila Photography

Angie Marczak

"I have had 17 hats for five years! Yes FIVE years! I literally put in the code and pressed the button and five years of struggling just disappeared, and it became apparent how easy it really was with Julia’s system. I have been so stressed out about this and I didn’t use it like it should’ve been used. I just imported everything and I already feel a relief off my chest! This is going to save me so much time with my workflow. I feel so much more organized already! I’m afraid to think of how long I would’ve struggled through this if it wasn’t for Julia and the 5CC! The task seemed always so daunting. All these years of blood sweat and tears and it was literally a click of a button! I would get so overwhelmed and then I would freeze and I wouldn’t do anything. I just dealt with it and wasted so much time. Now working through the easy step by step process, Julia created, I feel a relief! FIVE years of all my stress fixed and on the way to an organized process within a day! Thank you so much Julia I couldn’t ask for a better mentor and thanks for making my life so much easier!"

Amazing Portraits By Angie

17hats Import.


($297 Value)

  • Lead Workflow
  • Onboarding Workflow
  • Sales Workflow
  • Order & Delivery Workflow
  • Canned Emails
  • Automations
  • Client Questionnaire
  • Lead Form
  • Setup Checklist
  • How-To Setup Video
  • Video Class - Using 17Hats Day-To-Day
  • Video Class - Online Booking
  • Video Class - Software Integration
  • Workflow/Systems Worksheets
  • 50% Off 2 Years Of 17Hats

For the price of a few lattes, your portrait  business could be automated - up and running with proven systems that work.


And for as long as it takes you to drink those lattes, you can tweak these workflows to your studio, and learn how to use 17hats in day-to-day client operations, saving you enormous amounts of headache. Get your time back so you can work on projects that light your passion, instead of bog you down.

Hi, I'm Julia Kelleher.

Getting your systems and database in order is time consuming, tedious and the last thing you want to be doing right now. I get it. I've been there, and have been just as frustrated trying to figure out what system works the best, and how I'm going to implement it.

I've been in business for over 14 years. As a 13-time CreativeLive instructor, and International platform speaker, I've helped hundreds of thousands of photographers worldwide, figure out how to market, sell, and systemize their portrait studios. Business is my passion, and I love nothing more than seeing a creative photographer break that six-figure mark with ease. 

I created 17hats In 17seconds to make business easier, and to give you your life back, so you don't have to go through the headache of setting up properly - in the dark and not knowing what to do.

And I cannot wait to see how excited you are when you realize how you can instantly import our workflows, emails and automations right into your own 17hats software!

I promise you when your business is functioning systematically and with high-efficiency, your creative energy will explode in projects you've always wanted to complete, but you've never had the time. You'll enjoy what you do again, be so thankful everything is seamless, and proud that you run a tight ship.

Much love, Julia

Step up your game. Automate your studio. Stop the headache. 

Enroll in 17hats in 17seconds right now. Get our instant template pack import and watch your business life gets so much easier!

Yes, I need to systemize my business!