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“Julia has a way of creating a beautiful portrait while keeping her tiniest clients comfortable and secure in every way. Her skillful baby posing is timeless and natural, just exactly how this baby moment should be remembered. ”   Julie Klaasmeyer

Owner, Julie Klaasmeyer Portrait Design | Paola, KS

“Julia – you are the steward of a movement in the business of photography that is changing people’s businesses and lives in ways they could never imagine before! As people continue to share their victory stories of slaying the dragon George and jumping out of the confines of their little boat to walk on big scary water, they are offering better and more customized customer service, which ultimately changes the perception of our industry as a whole. I want to THANK YOU for your servant heart, and the gift that you were given, and that you so selflessly share that gift with us. When our customers are happy, we are happy. You have helped us make our customers happy. We BUY why YOU do it, and we want to do it, too. Bless you!” Jennifer Fermaint, CPP

Owner, Fermaint Photography | Plano, TX

“Julia is a special kind of teacher.  She is extremely knowledgeable not only about newborns and newborn portraiture, but is keenly aware of the business world as well.  Her courses are very in depth and explore the “why” of your business, what makes you get out of bed each day and love what you do for a living.  She has given me confidence in my work and that has allowed me to be a better business person and photographer.  She truly cares about the success of each of her students.  I attended her Creative Live course on Family Connection and found it extremely helpful not only in my life, but in my business.  I will take every opportunity that I have to learn from Julia and run with it!” Mollie Meagher

Owner, Ellie Belle Photography | Raleigh, NC

“Attending Julia’s Creative Live class in person  changed my life. Seriously! It might seem odd because I have now completely departed from posed newborns, but I would not trade the experience of having learned under Julia for anything. When she had us pull out clay and just create something was awakened in me. Then when we talked a little about personal projects walking to dinner I was inspired even more. Ever since then I have challenged myself to take the time to simply create. I bought Corel Painter and have loved doing portraits. More than anything though I have consistently gotten out my camera and simply photographed what moved me instead of photographing what I thought I was supposed to as a pro. I have discovered that I have a really deep love for documentary photography. As I’ve been exploring this I was reminded of one other moment in our class when you talked about our why. I was spending way too much time on thinking about what I thought I needed to produce instead of focusing on what I wanted to produce and my why. Now that I am working on those two things I have never been happier with the photos that I am creating.” Emily Smith

Owner, Emily J Photography | Dacula, GA

“I have Julia’s creative live classes Family Photography: Capturing Connection and The Creative Newborn Photography Studio.  These classes are so inspiring and Julia’s delivery is outstanding.  I love the fact that I can boost my own confidence just by re-watching segments.  One of the best aspects of Julia’s teaching is the fact that she is so honest in sharing her own struggles as well as how she overcomes them… and continuing to move forward to fulfill one’s dreams. Julia, I thank you for giving me knowledge, confidence, skill, and the will to keep on moving towards my goals as an artist.” Michelle McClafferty

Owner, Michelle McClafferty Photography | Raleigh, NC

“I just designed, retouched a few images, sent to high res production and ordered an 8 x 8 book for a client in ProSelect Pro in…wait…15 minutes!!  Seriously, this is crazy.  I used to cry just thinking about designing albums in Photoshop and it would take me hours. Never again. Never.  Wow! This is a huge time drain that I may now lift from my workflow.  I’m crazy happy with this.  Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and expertise in our one-on-one Skype training session.  I couldn’t recommend you any more highly than I am now to anyone who wants to start using Proselect to it’s full potential. THANK YOU!!”   Lora Carr

Owner, Lora Carr Photography | Moorestown, NJ

“Julia is a present day master of relationship artistry. The Old Masters were experts at properly posing even the smallest of details, and Julia demonstrates that level of perfection in all her work. Julia has figured out the magic formula for creating dynamic, timeless relationship portraits.”

Heather Michelle Chinn

Owner, Heather The Painter | Charlotte, NC

“One of the main things I learned from watching Julia’s creative courses is to be yourself and be creative. I love Julia’s warm, real, silly personality. She not only makes a connection with her clients, but other photographers as well. She makes her courses enjoyable to watch because she is laid back and real. When I am watching her, I feel confident that the things she is teaching is truly attainable. She doesn’t make me feel like the goals are too hard to reach, she is realistic. I’ve enjoyed the time that I have spent thinking outside of the box and moving towards being more of an artist, rather than just a photographer. She has inspired me to take my art to the next level.” Norma Mitchell

Owner, Norma Mitchell Photography | Oahu, HI

“Julia’s courses on creative live are priceless. I remember the first time I caught her speaking and I only meant to watch for a few minutes and an hour later I couldn’t tear myself away. She makes things seem so easy. She is incredibly passionate with sharing her knowledge with others, and one of the most amazing things is she is genuine about her experiences in business and photography. Julia shares her real life trials and triumphs to help her students learn. I had so many light bulb moments watching her courses and have completely turn my business around. Not only is it more successful but I’ve put boundaries in place that make running my own photography business less stressful and a more consistent and enjoyable experience for my clients.” Brenden Murphy

Owner, So Cute Photo | Morgan Hill, CA

“The Creative Live workshops with Julie are absolutely wonderful. I have purchased both her Newborn Workshop and her Pricing Workshop and what really stands out to me aside from her amazing artistic ability are her business tips and marketing ideas. They are outstanding. I am a newborn photographer based out of Boca Raton, Florida and watching her workshops has given me a new perspective on my business and is helping me take my business to that next level. Julie explains things in such a way that they make sense for a one woman business to put right into use and I have had several “aha” moments that I’m excited to implement. She explains how giving clients a one-on-one experience can be a win-win for you and your clients, just by giving them what they need! She is thorough, informative and explains things even a non-business person can understand. This year I’m planning to go from part-time to full-time with my business and I’m excited about what this year will bring! Julie is not just an talented artist, she is a brilliant business woman! So thankful for all she shares and teaches the photography community!!” Connie Granja

Owner, Connie Granja Photography | Boca Raton, FL

“I saw Julia a few times at CreativeLive. She is just awesome! I love her creativity, her sense of color combinations, her style and just everything about her. I am so in LOVE with her paintings! I have learned a lot from Julia and I am looking forward to seeing her soon.” Sabrina Moormann

Owner, Sabrina Moormann Photography | Dallas, TX

“Seriously? Where to start! I stumbled upon this, my first CreativeLIVE course, and ended up purchasing it I loved it so much and know it will provide not only great tips as I restructure some of my own business, but also endless inspiration for taking things to the next level. Gratitude ABOUNDS for Julia’s candor, adorable personality, humility and willingness to share the “tough” lessons, as well as her unbridled passion and respect for the business of photography… On a more personal note, she introduced me to the concept of separating our inner critic from ourselves and calling him “George.” Pure brilliance. Hands down THE best life skills tool I’ve ever heard in a photography workshop!! THANK YOU, Julia!!”

Jennifer Koskinen

Owner, Merritt Design| Vught, The Netherlands

“I originally heard about Julia & Jewel Images on CreativeLive. I was so intrigued by watching her live for all of 5 minutes that I immediately purchased her CreativeLive training and have since been a HUGE fan . . . which has included purchasing many of her marketing materials to help enhance my business, purchasing all her CreativeLive trainings as well as taking some of her Proselect training courses. Yes, she is an amazing resource!!! Her work speaks for itself but what is truly amazing is her ability to teach and connect with her audience. Her openness and willingness to help others is undeniable! She is someone I truly look up to for her work and business sense but even more her willingness to help others advance their photography businesses!” Susan Dukat

Owner, Susan {d} Photography | Larkspur, CO

“Julia is an amazing teacher! I immediately was able to connect with her style of shooting and super efficient workflow. She is genuine and incredibly knowledgeable about art and the business side of photography. I learned so much from watching her creative live workshops. Learning about “my why” was worth every penny!!” Shawn Estrada

Owner, Paper Heart Pixie | Oahu, HI

“I have taken several seminars  with Julia Kelleher. Because of her presented information, my income has doubled, my sale strategy has improved and my business flow is much better and more enjoyable. She is an amazing role model in our industry and gives herself back to the photography community 150%.” Judy Reinford

Owner, Judy Reinford Photography | Allentown, PA

“Julia is absolutely AMAZING! I first bought her Creative Live newborn course just looking for some tips on posing. I was hooked after the first segment. That course was so much more than I expected. I learned so much. I bought the Sales and Marketing CL course next. Then, I was so honored to be selected for the taping of the CL Creating Connection course. Meeting Julia and being in a live workshop was a dream come true! I have also purchased several items from her shop. I Love every single one of them and very they are very easy to use. Julia’s passion is so inspiring. Not only does she create a beautiful images technically speaking, she creates art. The things Julia teaches you are beyond your wildest dream. It’s not just about posing and lighting. She covers every aspect of creating art as well as business processes that most people don’t consider.. Her passion, knowledge, detail and purpose completely connect and captivate you. She does not hold back! You will watch over and over and over. I’m constantly watching her CL courses. I’m so thankful that Julia has taken the time to share her knowledge. She’s absolutely amazing! ” Shannon Rowe

Owner, Ethereal images | Cool, CA

“From the moment I started watching Julia’s Creative Live Class “Pricing and Sales” last December, I knew my business and way of doing business was going to be transformed forever. There simply was no way back. Her words resonated within me, and she totally spoke my language as a newborn photographer. I had always been on the look-out for ways to approach the business as a true professional, but didn’t know how. Some aspects of my studio were on the right track, but watching Julia talk about all business aspects and the 5 (or better yet 6) P’s really opened my entrepreneurial eyes. What a wisdom and experience she had to share. A so open and honest, I was truly amazed. I absorbed her information like a sponge: knowing I never again would do things the same again. I knew (and already knew deep within me) that my heart lies with photographing newborns. I had to be brave and specialize. I cut out all the other packages that were too diverse to poor into one clear brand with a clear purpose. I immediately started rebranding, with my own described purpose in the back of my head (thank you for giving us homework and let us think about those crucial questions, and don’t forget that break-even sheet in Excel!). The first IPS appointment blew my mind with a sale of 13 wall pieces, an album and all digital files! And first and foremost, the gratitude of my lovely clients. They said that no other photographer they knew of, did things the way I did. They absolutely LOVED the presentation, the suggested wall art hanging virtually on their own walls at home. They could see it, and so they wanted it and bought it. And all this with soft commitment, no pushy sales talk. Thank you, Julia. For opening my eyes and answering all those questions I couldn’t ask anywhere else. I would love to sit down and chat with you over a cup of coffee, because you feel like a really good friend a kindred spirit. Well, I’ll poor you a virtual coffee instead. Thank you, dear colleague.” Yvonne van Dalen

Owner, VaVaVonne | Vught, The Netherlands

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