Image of Julia Kelleher

Julia Kelleher

M. Photog., M. Artist., Cr., CPP

Leader of the Tribe – Julia is a Master Photographic Craftsman, Artist, Certified Professional Photographer and is extremely passionate about teaching and raising the photographic industry to new heights. Goofy, quirky, motivated and driven, she is an open book to her students. Julia is in charge of all marketing and sales and she is the creative visionary behind Jewel Images and Jewel U.

Image of Belinda DeBoard

Belinda DeBoard

Studio Manager and Graphic Designer – Belinda is the glue that holds us together. Organized, prompt and with a  memory  like none other, Belinda makes sure the day-to-day runs smoothly. A talented graphic designer, Belinda operates her graphic design business – BD Designs –  from our studio and helps us produce beautiful products for photographers and our clients!


Lauren DuBose

Studio Assistant  – Lauren assists Julia with sessions and is a baby whisperer and safety expert. Serving as the extra “pair of hands” Julia wants with newborns, we can’t live without her. Lauren comes from a TV news background and helps us in a back up position on education projects and more.

  • Studio Assistant 30%
  • Education Course Development 10%
  • Back Up & Fill In 20%

Beth Brinston

Digital Imaging Specialist – Beth is the newest member of the Jewel Images team. Moving from California to work with us, Beth is an amazing editor and production team member! She handles all image enhancing and video production for us. Kind and wonderful, we are so tickled she moved up the coast for us! She lives in Bend with her twins and also works as an IT disaster relief specialist which comes in really handy when our site crashes!

  • Image Editing & Photoshop 85%
  • Session Assists 40%
  • IT Crisis Management 10%

Jenny Mason,


Content Development & Marketing Manager – Jenny is a marketing and email guru! As Julia’s sister and confidant, Jenny works for Jewel Education remotely. She is a Certified Professional Photographer and  also runs her own busy newborn studio in Orange County, CA. Jenny assists with online education, content planning, marketing, design and course promotion.

  • Content Marketing 80%
  • Course Planning 30%
  • Community Management 50%

Authentic Approach

We tell it like it is and always promise to teach with integrity. Business growth is hard, but incredibly rewarding. We will always be realistic, honest and approachable in everything we do.

Advanced Topics

Too many instructors teach only the basics. Our team has a combined 30 year track record of entrepreneurial success. We aim to help not only those starting out, but those who need help along the way.


Supportive Community

Our online groups and social outreach have created an interconnected community that offers encouragement, growth and problem-solution management. Be involved with others who are in your shoes!

Clear Communication

We pride ourselves on customer service. Need help? Want to talk to someone? It’s as simple as picking up the phone or sending us a quick email.

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