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“Julia’s courses are priceless. I remember the first time I caught her speaking and I only meant to watch for a few minutes and an hour later I couldn’t tear myself away. She makes things seem so easy. She is incredibly passionate with sharing her knowledge with others, and one of the most amazing things is she is genuine about her experiences in business and photography. Julia shares her real life trials and triumphs to help her students learn. I had so many light bulb moments watching her courses and have completely turn my business around. Not only is it more successful but I’ve put boundaries in place that make running my own photography business less stressful and a more consistent and enjoyable experience for my clients.”

Brendan Murphy

So Cute Photo

“Julia is a special kind of teacher.  She is extremely knowledgeable not only about newborns and newborn portraiture, but is keenly aware of the business world as well.  Her courses are very in depth and explore the “why” of your business, what makes you get out of bed each day and love what you do for a living.  She has given me confidence in my work and that has allowed me to be a better business person and photographer.  She truly cares about the success of each of her students.  I attended her Creative Live course on Family Connection and found it extremely helpful not only in my life, but in my business.  I will take every opportunity that I have to learn from Julia and run with it!”

Mollie Meagher

Ellie Belle Photography

“Julia – you are the steward of a movement in the business of photography that is changing people’s businesses and lives in ways they could never imagine before! As people continue to share their victory stories of slaying the dragon George and jumping out of the confines of their little boat to walk on big scary water, they are offering better and more customized customer service, which ultimately changes the perception of our industry as a whole. I want to THANK YOU for your servant heart, and the gift that you were given, and that you so selflessly share that gift with us. When our customers are happy, we are happy. You have helped us make our customers happy. We BUY why YOU do it, and we want to do it, too. Bless you!”

Jennifer Fermaint

Fermaint Photography

“Julia’s passion is so inspiring. Not only does she create a beautiful images technically speaking, she creates art. The things Julia teaches you are beyond your wildest dream. It’s not just about posing and lighting. She covers every aspect of creating art as well as business processes that most people don’t consider.. Her passion, knowledge, detail and purpose completely connect and captivate you. She does not hold back! You will watch over and over and over. I’m constantly watching her CL courses. I have also purchased several items from her shop. I Love every single one of them and very they are very easy to use. I’m so thankful that Julia has taken the time to share her knowledge. She’s absolutely amazing! ”

Shannon Rowe

Ethereal Images

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